Track Rental

Anyone can rent the speedway and drive any car around the track. There are rules; but the car you drive does not need to be a race car. The car does not need a roll cage and you do not need to wear a helmet.

The primary rule is that one and only one car is allowed onto the track or the infield. Decide which of your friend’s cars will get driven round and round the speedway and go have some fun!

Why Rent the Track?

  1. It’s fun to drive a car around a banked track
  2. It’s cheap entertainment for a small group
  3. It helps support the track and the local community
  4. Did I say that it’s super fun to go fast?

Track Rental Rules

  • The cost is $100 for two hours of track time
  • Call Jeff Vaughan at 540-435-0281 for rates
  • Track is available Monday-Friday, 10AM-8PM
  • Only one car on the track at a time
  • No alcohol allowed on the track or infield
  • Call 540-652-1108 to reserve your spot