In the interest of stepping up the speed of the night's racing on the oval track, only the Late Models will have three cars in victory lane with interviews accordingly.

Just the winners of the other races will go to victory lane after the checkers.

Another rule to be implemented immediately concerns the distribution of trophies to either oval track or motocross competitors.

In the past, we have been extremely generous with giving out trophies without regard to the number of entrants. This has to change in order to keep a reasonable financial standard.

Effective immediately, second place trophies will be given when there at least SIX entrants in a class. Third place trophies will only be awarded when there are 10 or more in a class.

It's not like we're not awarding trophies, just doing a better job of regulating them. The more competitors, the more trophies.



There will be SEVEN drifting events at Shenandoah Speedway this year.

Two of them are set for May 10th and Sept 6th with the White Smoke organization.

The other FIVE are set to be conducted by Fresh Roots Drifting on April 5th, May 17th, July 5th, August 2nd and Oct 18th.

For those new to the sport, you need to come out and see how the boys and girls slide 'em sideways around a special course that uses part of the track and part of the infield.

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